The company is owned and operated by Bruce Childers, who has been an independent businessman since 1974. With an intensive background in security, investigation, related legal procedures, and management, Childers brings a high degree of experience to his organization. The goal for AccuScreen Systems is to provide a professional product at competitive rates and to be accessible to our clients.  AccuScreen Systems does not use voicemail; we want our clients to know that when they call, our staff is available to answer questions or solve problems.

Pre-employment Screening is no longer reserved for only large companies with unlimited budgets.  All employers can now enjoy the peace of mind and security offered by professional background checks at reasonable rates offered by AccuScreen Systems.  Basic background checks can be accomplished quickly and accurately, and all at a minimal cost.

The process of employment screening utilizing professional background checks is a proven deterrent and the best defense against negligent hiring practices.  Background checks including Criminal Records, Social Security Searches and Verifications, Driving Records, Credit Histories, Employment and Educational Verifications allow employers the opportunity to appraise and evaluate an applicant’s suitability for a particular job or position.

Drug testing programs can be established for pre-employment, post-accident, random, return to work and reasonable cause.  All drug testing is through Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Certified Laboratories and include GC/MS Confirmation and MRO Reviews.  AccuScreen has access to Collection Sites Nationwide and our On-site Collection capabilities make the process quick, easy and convenient for our local clients. The US Department of Labor estimates that drug use in the workplace costs employers $75 to $100 billion dollars annually in lost time, accidents, health care and workers compensation costs.  An effective Drug Testing Program is absolutely paramount to a company’s success these days!

If you are in the market for Drug Testing Services, Criminal Background History, Credit Reports, Driving Records, Employment References, Educational and Professional License Verification call AccuScreen Systems at 225-343-8378, where we are dedicated to promoting a safe and productive drug free work environment.