Criminal Records

• Criminal Records (County/Parish) –
When conducting a search of the County/Parish criminal records, our researches may indicate if a subject has a felony or misdemeanor infraction if the records include a reportable conviction. Researches will search the criminal indexes of the county/parish or counties/parishes of residence (and employment if different) over the past 7 years of the applicant. Researchers are able to search indexes dating back further than 7 years but older records are usually maintained in archives and more often would require additional time in requesting those records for research. A search of the past 7 years is considered the standard for the industry.

• Criminal Records (Federal District Court) -
Records found in the Federal District Court system identify crimes adjudicated through the Federal District Courts. Each state is comprised of one or more federal districts. State or county records do not include federal criminal convictions which can include tax evasion, kidnapping and drug trafficking among others.

• Nationwide Records Search -
Accesses a proprietary criminal database to seek out "vacationing criminals”. Search against records collected from all over the country, including state Department of Corrections and county criminal court records as available.
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