LSU Sports Fans: What You Need to Know About the University’s Drug Testing Policy

lsu tiger statue in baton rouge la
    lsu tiger statue in baton rouge la

    As a fan of LSU sports, you’ve probably heard about the university’s drug testing program for student-athletes. But what does this mean for the teams you cheer for? Here’s what you need to know:

    Why Does LSU Drug Test Student-Athletes?

    Drug testing is an integral part of maintaining the integrity of college athletics. By testing student-athletes for banned substances, LSU ensures that all players compete on a level playing field. Additionally, drug use can have serious health consequences and impact athletic performance, so LSU needs to promote a drug-free environment for all of its student-athletes.

    What Does LSU Test For?

    LSU’s drug testing program follows NCAA guidelines, which means student-athletes may be tested for a wide range of substances. This includes illegal drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and heroin, as well as performance-enhancing drugs like anabolic steroids and human growth hormones. By testing for these substances, LSU ensures that all its student-athletes play fairly and within the rules.

    What Happens if a Student-Athlete Tests Positive?

    If student-athletes test positive for a banned substance, they may face serious consequences. 

    The NCAA has a strict drug testing program that includes penalties for positive tests, including loss of competition eligibility, suspension, and forfeiture of championships or records.

    LSU may also impose its own sanctions on student-athletes who violate drug policies. As a fan, it’s important to know that any penalties imposed on student-athletes can impact the performance of your favorite team.

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    How Can You Help?

    As a fan of LSU sports, you can help support the university’s drug testing program by promoting a drug-free environment.

    Encourage student-athletes to make intelligent choices and avoid drugs and other banned substances.

    If you suspect a student-athlete is using drugs, report your concerns to LSU’s compliance office. Working together can help ensure LSU sports remain fair and drug-free.

    What Resources Are Available?

    LSU is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all students, including student-athletes. If you are concerned about drug use or addiction among student-athletes, resources are available.

    LSU’s Employee Assistance Program offers confidential counseling and referral services to all employees, including student-athletes. Additionally, LSU’s Athletic Department has staff members trained in substance abuse prevention and treatment who can provide guidance and support.


    LSU’s drug testing program is vital to maintaining a fair and safe environment for college athletics. As a fan of LSU sports, it’s essential to understand the policies and guidelines set forth by the NCAA and LSU. By promoting a drug-free environment and reporting any concerns, we can all help support the university’s commitment to fair play and healthy competition.

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