Elevate Your Safety Standards with Unrivaled Services

Dive into a realm of unparalleled services designed to revolutionize safety and compliance across industries. Explore our cutting-edge offerings that empower informed decision-making and cultivate a secure environment. Your journey towards a safer tomorrow starts here.

5-10 Panel Urine Drug Testing

Our 5-10 Panel Urine Drug Testing service includes a comprehensive test for the most commonly used drugs.

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Alcohol Testing

Ensure the safety of your workplace and protect your employees with our alcohol testing service. Our accurate and reliable testing procedures can help you identify and prevent alcohol-related incidents on the job.

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Aptitude Testing

Ensure you are hiring honest and qualified employees with AccuScreen’s SAFE=R aptitude testing. Contact us today for reliable and accurate results.

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Background Investigations

Optimize hiring decisions. AccuScreen™ offers comprehensive, reliable background checks, ensuring accurate insights for candidates and employees.

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Breath Alcohol, Ethanol, EtG & EtS

Ensure a safe and drug-free workplace with Accuscreen Systems™’ accurate and reliable drug testing services.

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breath alcohol testing device baton rouge la

Comprehensive Collector Training

Elevate specimen collection quality with AccuScreen’s comprehensive training. Master DOT, non-DOT, and challenging scenarios. Inquire now.

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Credit History Checks

Elevate hiring decisions with AccuScreen™ Credit History Checks. Our assessments include credit reports, bankruptcy records, and financial insights, ensuring swift accuracy. Customizable packages available.

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Criminal Background Check

Enhance hiring decisions. AccuScreen™ offers precise criminal background checks in Baton Rouge, aiding informed choices and risk reduction for businesses.

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Criminal History Checks

Discover AccuScreen™ Criminal History Checks – Parish, state, and federal searches, customizable packages for swift, ethical, and legal screening.

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DNA Testing

Searching for precise DNA testing services? Discover AccuScreen™. Our expert team offers buckle swab collection and fast, accurate results within 7-10 days. Legal or personal, we’ve got you covered. Connect with us now.

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