DOT Testing Service

Transportation industries must conduct drug and alcohol testing of safety-sensitive employees to ensure public safety and avoid potential accidents.

Failing to comply with DOT regulations can result in costly fines, damage to your business’s reputation, and, most importantly, a hazardous work environment.

AccuScreen™ DOT Testing Services can assist your company in developing and complying with DOT regulations, providing timely and accurate drug and alcohol testing, and avoiding potential consequences of non-compliance.

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Our DOT Testing Services

Comprehensive Solutions for DOT Compliance

AccuScreen™ provides a range of DOT testing services to help transportation companies comply with federal regulations and ensure safety for all employees and customers.

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Ensure Compliance and Safety with AccuScreen™

AccuScreen™ is your trusted partner for all of your DOT drug testing needs. Our comprehensive services help you stay compliant with federal regulations and ensure that your employees are safe and drug-free. Don’t leave your business at risk – contact us today to learn more and get started.

From policy development to testing coordination, our team will guide you through every step of the DOT drug testing process. We offer customizable testing solutions to meet your specific needs and can provide expert guidance on how to stay compliant with DOT regulations. Our independent Medical Review Officer (MRO) will ensure that your test results are accurately reviewed and evaluated, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions for your business.

Protect your business and your employees with AccuScreen™ DOT Testing Services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see how we can help you stay compliant and keep your workplace safe.

  1. Establish a DOT Testing Policy

    Our team will help you develop a DOT drug and alcohol testing policy tailored to your company’s needs and industry regulations.

  2. Select Personnel for Testing

    We will assist you in selecting personnel for random testing, ensuring compliance with DOT guidance.

  3. Coordinate Collection and Testing

    AccuScreen™ will coordinate with collection sites and testing laboratories to ensure timely and accurate processing of collections and testing of specimens.

  4. Independent MRO Review

    We provide an independent Medical Review Officer to review laboratory results and provide guidance on medical explanations for certain drug test results at no additional charge.

  5. Compliance Consulting

    Our consulting services can help your company maintain compliance with DOT regulations, including policy development, training, and audit preparation.

  6. Ongoing Support and Customer Service

    AccuScreen™ is committed to providing ongoing support and exceptional customer service to ensure your DOT testing services are efficient, effective, and compliant.