Oral Fluid Drug Testing

Are you concerned about drug use in your workplace or among loved ones, but traditional drug tests are too invasive or cumbersome? AccuScreen™ Oral Fluid Testing offers a non-invasive and convenient solution for detecting drug use.

Our Quantisal collection device provides a reliable collection of a full one milliliter of saliva using a volume adequacy indicator to ensure enough saliva has been collected. Contact us to learn more about our oral fluid testing packages and get fast and accurate results to protect your business or loved ones.

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AccuScreen™ Oral Fluid Drug Testing Services

Discover the Benefits of AccuScreen™ Oral Fluid Drug Testing Services

Take control of drug screening with AccuScreen™ Oral Fluid Drug Testing Services. Our gender-independent observed collection method ensures accurate results every time. Discover how our customizable testing packages and fast, accurate results can benefit your workplace or personal needs.

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Contact AccuScreen™ for Reliable and Accurate Testing

Are you worried about drug use among your employees or loved ones? Don’t take any chances with their safety or your business. With AccuScreen™ Oral Fluid Testing, you can easily and quickly ensure a drug-free workplace or individual.

‘Our tests are highly accurate and reliable, giving you peace of mind and the ability to make informed decisions. Don’t wait – take action today and schedule your test with AccuScreen™.

  1. Schedule Your Test

    Contact AccuScreen™ to schedule your oral fluid drug test.

  2. Collection Process

    Our gender-independent observed collection process uses the Quantisal collection device for reliable and accurate results.

  3. Laboratory Analysis

    Our laboratory analysis provides fast and accurate results.

  4. Customizable Packages

    We offer customizable testing packages to fit your specific needs.

  5. Results Delivery

    Results are delivered to you quickly and efficiently.

  6. Make Informed Decisions

    Ensure a drug-free workplace or protect yourself from potential drug-related risks with AccuScreen™ Oral Fluid Testing. Schedule your test today for fast and accurate results you can trust.