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AccuScreen™ Aptitude Testing helps you hire the most honest, drug-free employees in Baton Rouge, LA. Our SAFE-R assessment identifies High-Risk, Caution-Risk, or Low-Risk applicants based on their attitude toward relevant job skills critical to successful employment.

The test assesses six key job-related factors: drug/alcohol abuse resistance, honesty, and dependability. Learn more about our validated Aptitude Testing today to minimize employee turnover and maximize workplace productivity.

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aptitude testing in baton rouge louisiana

Screen for the best employees with AccuScreen's SAFE=R test.

AccuScreen™ SAFE=R Aptitude Testing

AccuScreen's SAFE=R test identifies high-risk, caution-risk, and low-risk applicants based on their attitude towards drug and alcohol abuse, honesty, dependability, socialization and cooperative attitude, numerical skills, and reading/language skills. The test takes only 25 minutes to complete and is immediately and accurately scored using any Windows-compatible computer. With the SAFE=R test, you can hire the best-qualified and most honest employees while avoiding potential risks and reducing employee turnover.

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Looking for the best employees for your business? Look no further than AccuScreen’s SAFE=R test. Our test helps identify the most honest and dependable candidates, ensuring a successful and trustworthy workforce. Say goodbye to high turnover rates and hello to a reliable team. Schedule your Aptitude Testing today and start building the best team for your business.

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    Administer the SAFE=R test to your job applicants.

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    Receive comprehensive and reliable results for each applicant.

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    Make informed hiring decisions based on the insights provided by the SAFE=R test.

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    Ensure a successful workplace with employees who have the necessary job skills and integrity to succeed.