Aptitude Testing

Identifies dishonest, drug-prone applicants before they become dishonest employees. SAFE-R helps you hire... and keep... the best qualified, most honest, drug and alcohol-free employees. And, hiring the right people means lower employee turnover. Based on an applicant’s attitude, SAFE-R identifies applicants as High-Risk, Caution-Risk or Low-Risk to successfully perform on the job. This paper-and-pencil test takes about 25 minutes to complete, and is immediately and accurately scored using any Windows-compatible computer. Most applicants, whether qualified and honest or not, do not object to taking SAFE-R. Because it measures relevant job skills, such as basic, job-related math and fundamental reading skills, in addition to honesty and dependability, applicants do not find the testing offensive. SAFE-R assesses six, key job-related factors critical to successful employment:

  1. Drug/Alcohol Abuse Resistance — Is the applicant likely to use drugs or alcohol on the job? Abuse them off-hours to the extent it interferes with job performance?
  2. Honesty — Is the applicant likely to steal?
  3. Dependability — Will the individual come to work every day? Carry out instructions without continuous follow-ups?
  4. Socialization/Cooperative Attitude — Will the applicant be courteous to customers? Get along with other employees?
  5. Numerical Skills — Can the applicant add and subtract? Figure discounts? Accurately pick orders?
  6. Reading/Language Skills — Does the applicant have sufficient skills to understand and help customers?
  7. A Validity component assesses whether the applicant may have attempted to "beat" the test.

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