Employee Drug Testing: Study Shows Improved Productivity and Attendance - 01/05/2012

Human resource professionals were asked about their organizations’ drug testing programs and reported the following perceptions after the implementation of a drug testing program: One-fifth (19%) of companies experienced an increase in employee productivity after the implementation of a drug testing program, employers with high absenteeism rates (more than 15%) reported a drop from 9% to 4% after implementing a drug testing program, an improvement of 56%; companies with high workers’ compensation incidence rates (more than 6%) reported a drop from 14% to 6% after implementing drug testing programs, an improvement of 57%; and 16% of companies reported a net employee turnover decrease. Additional research needs to be conducted to further confirm these findings, but this initial pilot study suggests that drug testing has a positive impact in companies creating a more productive, safe, and stable workforce.

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