One of the most reliable methods of employee screening is the background investigation.  By gathering parts of an applicant’s background, a personnel manager can piece together the honesty, reliability and competency of an applicant. 

Prior employment, educational verifications, civil suit history, driving, criminal and credit history are all pieces to the puzzle.  An applicant who maintains a clean driving, credit and employment history will, in most cases, be very reliable and trustworthy.  An applicant who accurately represents his or her training and education on an application is, in most cases, competent.  An extensive history of arrests or involvement in civil litigation demonstrates a lack of respect for society’s norms.  If they have no respect for laws or rules, then why would they respect your business?

A background investigation can include one or any combination of these searches.  An applicant with a checkered past will, in most cases, withdraw his or her job request once they understand your screening methods.  Put the entire puzzle together, re-interview the applicant, and give the applicant an opportunity to discuss some of your findings.  Remember, also, that information gathered from a background investigation should be verified by full name, social security number and, if possible, date of birth.

 CRIMINAL HISTORY (results in 1 day vs 10 weeks)

In Louisiana, statewide criminal arrests are maintained by the Louisiana State Police. The Sheriff, City Police and Clerk of Court maintain records of arrests on a parish level.  Private businesses may access State Police files, but only by fingerprint cards and for a fee.  Additionally, this process can take eight to ten weeks to complete.  Where possible, AccuScreen Systems has established accounts with all state clerks’ offices that offer internet access.  Our criminal arrest history indicates felony arrests within the parish by local and state law enforcement officers.  Federal crimes and some misdemeanors are not included.  Turn-around time within the Baton Rouge area is one day.  Criminal arrest checks outside this area and in other states may take two or three days.


Louisiana driving histories are available the same day as requested.  Out of state records take an additional one or two days.  This record reflects traffic convictions, guilty pleas, and traffic accidents.

CREDIT HISTORY (results in a matter of hours)

Consumer credit histories are also available within 24 hours.  This report indicates credit worthiness of an applicant and provides up to three prior addresses and employers.  A credit report will also list any bankruptcies filed by an applicant or his or her spouse.  AccuScreen Systems also orders all reports safe-scanned to determine if the applicant’s social security number or address has been used for any fraudulent activity.


Should you hire an employee who misrepresents his educational background, the reputation and credibility of your company could be severely compromised.


Previous employment generally provide greater detail if contacted by an outside agency for employment verification, because they are not directly disclosing information to the hiring company.


We are able to verify professional licenses acquired through state agencies and professional organizations.


The first question personnel managers should ask—what should I look for in selecting a drug screening company?  AccuScreen Systems has the answer:

Accuracy---Our labs utilize the latest and most sophisticated methods of drug detection known.  Realizing that 5% of all positive test results are “false positives”, all positive test results are confirmed with GC/MS analysis.  All DOT tests and positive Non-DOT tests are reviewed by a Medical Review Officer. (MRO)

Convenience—Located on Main Street in downtown Baton Rouge with easy access to I-110.  The average in and out time for a drug screen is 10 minutes.

Dependability---You can bet we’ll be there when you need us.  Locally owned and operated.  Average tenure of our team members is 10 years and we are open from 8:00-5:30, Monday-Friday.

Confidentiality---Dealing with such a sensitive subject, we know the importance of confidentiality.  Our methodology guarantees it.


DOT approved equipment and trained Breath Alcohol Technicians (BAT)


Includes collection of buckle swabs and analysis. (turnaround in a week to 10 days)


In an effort to raise the level of accuracy and the quality of specimen collections.  DATIA designed a comprehensive collector training course that covers all aspects of the collection process for both Department of Transportation (DOT) and non-DOT collections.  Course participants will master proper collection procedures from completing the Chain of Custody form to handling difficult collection situations.

It doesn’t matter whether your company employs 5 or 500 employees, AccuScreen Systems can assist you in implementing a drug screen program that is both effective and affordable.


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